Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of 2FamousCrw who managed to give yet another succesfull tour organized by SS Promotions in Surinam, South-America. With many variable hits Selecta, Ran-D, Baby, Sadhana, Strezz and Movez smashed a lot of stages and venues filled with loads of fans. Didn’t get a chance to go to one of the shows? Don’t worry, you can find live footage of the NIS, White Beach, Blue Bell, NTC, Zsa Zsa Zsu and Marinalex shows. On this tour DVD you can see what the band experienced, how close the group is and what drives them to become bigger and better. They had many interviews, photoshoots, adventures, gigs, meet and greets and more. Surinam loves them and they love Surinam. Get to know the real persons behind the artists. As a bonus the most recent videoclips are featured as well. Enjoy and be prepared for a crazy ride!