2FAMOUSCRW is an international music group of the Hindi-pop scene from the Netherlands that exists of 5 members. After many tours and album releases in their own country and abroad they have proven to be all round and successful with a big variety of music. Soul, chutney, hiphop, bhangra, house, pop, dubstep, disco, reggae, bubbling and rock are amongst other the genres the group creates and plays during gigs in different languages such as English, Dutch, Urdu, Sarnami, Punjabi and Surinami. Something for everyone.

De 5 members exist of manager and founder; Ran D. (RanD.’s Project), producer, singer and also founder of the band; SelectaBeats, vocalists; Irfaan, Damian, Naff Vybez, Kashh B. and first and only female singer; Rani The Queen. With each an individual and most of all original style they assault the stages during party events, festivals, weddings, birthdays and more. This combination is what makes them unique as a group. They keep scoring hit after hit. The songs, lyrics, video clips and creative artwork designs on cd’s and promo material differentiate this group from others.

2FAMOUSCRW has been very well known in Holland for a while now. In Suriname (South-America) they are leading at the top. The Hindi-pop scene needed a new impulse. That is what Ran D. had in mind when creating a new music group in 2009. The songs that were being created for many years in a row in the exact same ways required a transformation. The scene was flatted and no one knew how to touch people anymore with their music. To make his ideas possible he needed someone who thought the same thing and knew how to realize it. That person was the musical mastermind Selecta! Ran D. and Selecta have ensured that nowadays no one longs for a “normal” band. No! Nowadays they want pure entertainment. People want to stay remembered of a magical night by a formation that is known for being original and always remained pure.

The group started in The Hague, This place became way too small for them quickly. They had put their stamp in a lot of cities. In Surinam they sold out the great Anthony Nesty Hall immediately. Something very rare, because this didn’t happen for many years with other artists. The criticism started soon. Something the group didn’t pay attention to, cause they were busy working. 2FAMOUSCRW shut many mouths these last couple of years by rising above even themselves.

2FAMOUSCRW was named “Best International Act” by the Hindipop Music Awards. Their twelve released albums were all sold out in no time. Their most recent album “Chasing Dreams” wasn’t available anywhere anymore within the first week.

Now the crew thinks it’s time to bring an ode to the country where their success started: The Netherlands
They perform live! with their own band The Ryderz.